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Courses Details

DID (Diploma in Dance)
  • Level:Advance
  • Age Group16 Yrs +
  • Duration:3 Months ( 120 Session)
  • Time:2 Hrs Daily (Mon to Friday)
Syllabus Of This Course
  • Contemporary & Jazz
  • Hip Hop & B Boying
  • Jive & Salsa
  • Bollywood & Bolly Hop
  • Rope Aerial / Silk Aerial / Ring Aerial / Gymnastics

With a series of Dance Reality Shows,(for eg Dance India Dance, Just Dance, Chak Dhoom Dhoom, Boogie Woogie, Jhalak Dikhla Ja, etc), hitting the silver screen and taking the world by storm, the youth are now riding high on a wave of Dance like never before. With G Dance & Fitness being largely responsible for educating the masses on Various dance form, and venerating Dance to a serious, technique based art, G Dance & Fitness now kick starts another pioneer venture, giving the world for the first time - the Diploma In Dance - Prep Course with G Dance & Fitness as a basic preparation for auditions for TV Dance Reality Shows.

'WHY' the DID Prep Course?

"A person with a lot of talent and no training, pitted against a person with little talent and a lot of training......where's the equation?...where's the justice?"- G Dance & Fitness"

'WHAT' –is the DID Prep Course?

With one of the largest outreach networks worldwide, Dance Reality Shows attract tremendous talent from all around the world. However, this talent for the most part is absolutely raw, as candidates throng from obscure cities and villages, where there is no facility or possibility to train. The DID Prep Course with G Dance & Fitness, thus aims at honing this new talent and giving it a basic platform and tools of technique. The DID Prep Course will follow a structured syllabus, with the Modern- Contemporary, jazz, Hip Hop,B Boying,Salsa ,Jive, Bollywood ,Bollyhop , Gymnastics & Aerial -Ring, Rope & Silk. (Other disciplines maybe introduced at a later stage if deemed necessary). The faculty will consist of specialists in the field and senior instructors of G Dance Fitness trained & guided by Hitesh Kothari himself. The Course duration will extend from 3 months for 2 hours Monday to Friday. the Diploma In Dance – Prep Course with G Dance & Fitness thus aims at initiating dance lovers to a world of structured dance and training, and upping the existing standards....let the battles begin...

Come, join the the Diploma In Dance Prep Course with G Dance Fitness and his senior instructors......It's time for a Revolution....!!! The G Dance & Fitness Courses- make your passion your career now!

'Every artiste has the right to dream, but with the Diploma in Dance , every young dancer now has the means to live out the dream!'

Kid's Batch
  • Level:Basic
  • Age Group3 Years To 8 Years
  • Duration:2 Days a Week
  • Time:1 Hr (2 Day In a Week)

Syllabus Of This Course
  • Bollywood & Western
  • Fun Dance / Rhythm
  • Free Movement / Expression
  • Alphabetically Moves
  • Basic Isolation

The essence of the program is in dance expression, knowledge and creativity that go beyond the periphery of dance movement. Theatre arts, each class has a well defined syllabus for skillful progression to improve

Kid's Club - After School Program
  • Level:Basic / Intermediate
  • Age Group3 To 8 & 9 To 12 Years
  • Duration:1 Year Per Level
  • Time:1 Hr (Monday - Friday)

Syllabus Of This Course
  • Dance
  • Fitness
  • Drawing
  • Crafts
  • Games

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PDP (Potential Development Program)
  • Level:Basic / Intermediate / Advance
  • Age Group9 Years & Above
  • Duration:1 Year Per Level (Level 1,2,3 )
  • Time:1 Hr (2 Day In a Week)
Syllabus of this Course
  • Contemporary & Jazz
  • Hip Hop & B Boying
  • Jive & Salsa
  • Bollywood & Bolly Hop

The Potential Development Program-the PDP, is of shorter duration, offering 3 levels (PDP 1,2,3) and a less intensive syllabus as compared to the Diploma in Dance (DID) courses.

The PDP course offers a blend of the Modern forms, with some basics of all techniques. It follows a structured syllabus, progressive in nature, (as it offers 2 levels) with increasing intensity and difficulty levels.

The PDP course, as the very name suggests, is aimed at exploiting the 'potential' of certain students who show capabilities of achieving higher standards in the learning of dance. The PDP candidate will thus require some prior experience in all dance form at a basic level. The PDP candidate may thus be picked from amongst our own students, learning under the various classes run under the G Dance & Fitness, for eg from Dance Summer Camp, the Regular Open Classes, etc. However, students from other classes outside of the G Dance & Fitness banner are also welcome to the PDP as long as they meet up with the required class level, as the PDP classes will function at a slightly more accelerated pace than that of an open or basic level class.

No audition is required for the PDP candidate if selected by the G Dance & Fitness instructors themselves, from any of our existing classes, as we would thus already be aware of the student's abilities and experience levels. If the candidate is however a new comer to the Academy, then he/ she may do a trial class and the instructor will then decide if he/she has the required level or not.

The PDP will be the ideal option for those dance lovers who are still studying or working or cannot commit all of their time to dance but who may still be passionate about learning all dance form at a slightly higher and more intensive level.

Fitness Batch
  • Level:Basic / Advance
  • Age GroupLadies & Gents
  • Duration:12 Sessions Monthly
  • Time:1 Hr (3 Day In a Week)
Syllabus of this Course
  • Yoga
  • Zumba & Aero Bollyfit
  • Aerobics

We love people and we care about your health. We invite you to share our passion for changing your life physically mentally and emotionally. Now, more than ever, value the life you have, which is the priceless gift to you from the GOD (Generator, Operator and Destroyer). Take care of yourself and your family. Have a fitness break! Increase your working efficiency and live respectable life with added success and happiness in every field with developed mental faculties.

Traditional Garba & Dandiya Workshop
  • Level:Advance
  • Age Group5 Yrs+
  • Duration:2 Months
  • Time:1 Hr
Syllabus of this Course
  • Garba
  • Dandia

This Garba workshop will get you grooving to the next garba event. Learn steps of Garba/Dandiya in this workshop.

Gymnastics & Aerial
  • Level:Basic/Intermediate/Advance
  • Age Group5 Yrs+
  • Duration:3 Months
  • Time:2 Hr
Syllabus of this Course
  • Gymnastics
  • Rope Aerial
  • Silk Aerial
  • Ring Aerial

Join us for a special vanguard edition of Sky Jam, featuring innovative aerial performances by advanced students and trainers. Aerial Silks combines the beauty of dance with impact of height and the dimension of space.You have seen aerial silk in all of Cirque Du Soleil acrobatic presentations. This class is guaranteed to develop your core strength and flexibility among the many other benefits you will derive from this class.

More Courses


If you don't know how or where to begin your cardio exercise program, then why not choose aerobic workout programs to get you on the path to wellness.


Zumba is the best way to burn more calories in class is to let go, have fun, and try not to think too much. "Letting you go will let the calories go!”


Connecting your sole to soul, the classes strengthen you and allow you to express yourself through a series of postures and movement.


Contemporary dance uses the body's natural lines and energy, allowing a greater range and fluidity of movement than classical dance techniques.


Jazz dancing that showcases a dancer's individual style and originality. Jazz is energetic and fun, consisting of unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns.


The fastest of the Latin dances , Jive incorporates lots of kicks and flicks, even twirling of the woman, and doesn't move around the dance floor like other dances.


It is a dance form usually done by a couple of either gender but can be danced solo as well. With its easy flow and rhythmic footwork.

Hip Hop

Hip-hop refers to a vast umbrella of dance styles that developed along with the hip-hop culture including but not limited to popping, ticking, breaking and locking.

B Boying

B-boying is typically danced to hip-hop and breakbeats, although modern trends allow for much varieties of music along certain ranges of tempo and beat patterns.


Aerial dance is the broad term for a style of modern dance that incorporates the use of hanging equipment, also called aerial apparatuses.

Bolly Hop

Bolly hop is the new way to dance out bollywood the Hip Hop style. A fusion of Bollywood Dancing and Hiphop is sure to get your energy levels on a new high!


Bollywood dance is the dance-form used in the Indian films. It is a mixture of numerous styles. These styles include Belly Dance, Kathak, Indian Folk, Western, Jazz.