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About Us

We are pioneering in different form of dance since last 16 years.

G Dance & Fitness Is Official Member Of International Dance Council UNESCO (Membership No 19695 )

What is The International Dance Council CID ?

CID is the official umbrella organization for all forms of dance in all countries of the world. CID is recognized by UNESCO, national and local governments, international organizations and institutions.

It brings together the most important international, national and local organizations, as well as select individuals active in dance. It is a non-governmental organization founded in 1973 within the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, where it is based.

Its members are the most prominent federations, associations, schools, companies and individuals in over 170 countries.
International Dance Council CID Conseil International de la Danse

Being a Member of International Dance Council CID Conseil International de la Danse Now we Can Certify and Offer
  • International Certification to our students for Yearly Courses.
  • Certifications to Other Institutions, Schools, Collages, Dance Studios Offering Our Dance Courses just by getting Associated Partner (Franchise) with us.
  • We Can Nominate worthy Individuals, Dance Institutions, schools, Colleges or companies for CID membership.( Once You are Members You can also Offer International Dance Council Certification to Your Students.)

CID Membership (Sample)

International Certificate (Sample)

Students Advantages After Getting International Dance Council - CID Certification

CID treats all forms of dance on an equal basis. It does not promote a particular view of dance, recognizing its universal character as an art form, as a means of education and as a research subject.It is non-discriminatory. Reflecting the principles of the United Nations and UNESCO, it is open to all approaches to dance, without prejudice for race, gender, religion, political affiliation or social status. Above all, it is a gesture towards the global family of dancers - you declare that you are part of it. It is also a statement on the unity of dance forms - dance takes countless shapes but the art of dance is one.

Among other advantages, Members of the CID are entitled to:

1) Take part in international festivals, congresses, workshops, competitions and other events organized by Members of the CID.
2) Be informed about opportunities such as scholarships, jobs, invitations to perform, to teach or to lecture, new publications etc. The CID Circular is mailed to over 100,000 dance professionals in 200 countries.
3) Meet other Certified members and be part of a network including thousands of specialists in more than 150 countries, who are eager to cooperate with other CID members.
4) Have a discount on services (workshops, competitions, festivals etc.) or publications (magazines, books, CDs, video, DVDs, albums etc.) by member organizations.
5) Apply to the UNESCO National Commission, other government agencies or private sponsors to fund your travel abroad in order to represent your country.
6) Support applications for a visa to attend world congresses and other events held under the auspices of CID.
7) Share the prestige of getting Certified by "the United Nations of Dance", International Dance Council -UNESCO. The most prominent Certification for federations, associations, schools, companies and individuals in over 170 countries.

Guarantees After Certification

CID is the only top-level agency that can offer solid guarantees since it is:
  • Official, recognized by governments, partner of UNESCO.
  • World-wide, linking more than 155 countries.
  • Independent from any influences or interests.
  • Global, not linked to any particular country.
  • Strictly non-profit.
  • Democratically governed by elected officers receiving no pay.
  • Firmly established, with a long history of 39 years.
  • Competent, bringing together top-level specialists.
  • Encompassing, absolutely all forms of dance.


Welcome, G Dance & Fitness is a dance academy

A recognized name in Vasai Taluka for dance classes. It is training more than 1000 students annually.

Mr. Hitesh Kothari was interested in dancing from his college days. He used to take part in many inter-college competition, university Folk dance competition, choreographed many college annual functions, but never thought would make a career out of it.

He has done many local as well as national level shows. Many of them was with celebrities. Slowly & steadily he started working in Vasai Taluka as dance director. Later he decided to form a dance school named as “G Dance & Fitness” & trained its dancers to perfection because he knew that Vasai is full of talented dancers, he just have to put forth a great guidance to them & he did the same.
The four basic pillars of G Dance & Fitness are:

  • Dance being an excellent form of exercise keeps people naturally active and fit.
  • Psychological health and maturity is achieved through dance which gives the students an opportunity to express themselves through creative movement.
  • Dance fosters social interaction, cooperation and team spirit.
  • Movement provides a cognitive loop between idea, problem, or intent and outcome or solution.

The G Dance & Fitness was founded in the year 2000 by Mr. Hitesh Kothari after winning Boogie Woogie Solo Mens Championship. He had a vision to bring out the name of Vasai and their dancers & specially he wanted that his group ‘G Dance & Fitness’ gets an national recognition, & which luckily he got by winning Boogie Woogie Group Championship (Diwali Special) in the year 2008. We pride ourselves on making our classes fun, accessible, and challenging – We commit to the long-term development of our students.

This was a high point for G Dance & Fitness which gave it recognition in the world of dance in India. After this there was no looking back for G Dance & Fitness. Many Award events & reality shows were done by the students of G Dance & Fitness. Newly Choreographed “Hindi Film Makad Jaala A Poltical Trap”, “Hindi Video Albums” and many more.

02Dance Style

  • Aerobics
  • Zumba
  • Jazz
  • Jive
  • Salsa
  • Bachata
  • Hip Hop
  • B Boying
  • Bolly Hop
  • Contemporary
  • Bollywood & Western
  • Rope Aerial / Silk Aerial / Ring Aerial
  • Indian folk & Semi Classical Tandav Style

03G Dance Crew GDC

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Our Philospohy

AIM - is to Develop, Promote & Manage Upcoming Talent

  • Vision

    Our vision is to provide high quality dance
    instructions to our students & help them to
    develop love for art, friendship & fitness.

  • Strategy

    Provide dance teaching that meets the
    needs of the casual dancer as well as the
    dancer on track for a professional career.

  • Fitness

    Fusce dapibus, tellus ac cursus commodo,
    tortor mauris condimentum nibh, ut
    fermentum massa sagittis.

  • Support

    Grooving from beginner to advance
    level in very friendly environment
    since 2000

  • Goal

    Provide dance training for students at all
    levels of dance, beginning though advanced
    students, ages three through adult.